London, 4 years after Brexit. Alison (Kate Hardie) isn’t going to let social collapse ruin her evening.

Magnus (Jonjo O'Neil), on a bike dynamo, generates power for what’s left of their home. Alison is annoyed he didn’t do this earlier. It’s bad enough living in fear, but being trapped with an idiot husband is the cherry on this shit-cake.

Their front door is fortified with a giant cat flap made from a train door and an old washing machine. Through this come Susan (Clara Francis) and Andy (Jason Watkins). It’s party time.

They know they’re powerless. Alison blocks out the misery with self-help mantras and homebrew. Susan and Andy follow an esoteric religion and wear amulets for protection. It’s only Magnus who brings down the mood, refusing to be in denial like everyone else.

The ensuing battle of wits and manners will decide: which will win, Faith? Or cold, hard reality?