"I have often wondered what the middle classes in the post-apocalyptic future will do for fun and Fingers Crossed, a brilliantly funny and imaginative vision of doom, answers that question swimmingly. As it turns out, standards need to be upheld, manners adhered to, daring fashion choices made and social hierarchies maintained, even after much of Britain has been reduced to a violent wasteland. An Abigail's Party for a post-Brexit Hellscape, Fingers Crossed makes bleakness, disaster and total abject misery all look rather chic."

Will Hodgkinson, The Times


“Ambitious, dark and funny – but also mildly terrifying”

Francesca Gavin, Kaleidoscope Magazine

"Set in a dystopian now, Fingers Crossed unravels a double date dinner party and all its familiar etiquette. Characters embrace survival mode in all manners of humour and despair. But it's the imagination, of the cast, the set, the props, the necklace to new gods, that keeps them alive, that keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next."

Lisa Cadwallader,  Vice.